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There is nothing more frustrating or depressing for a project superintendent than showing up at the job site after yet another hard week, only to find out that your project has become the target of thieves. Copper plumbing has been cut from the ceiling pipe runs, wiring has been removed from the electrical panels and underground vaults, and graffiti has been sprayed on the newly finished brick façades. 

From start to finish, Silent Solutions Security can protect all of your assets during the construction phase of development.
Silent Solutions Security-

We take pride in the versatility of our systems which have been deployed into some of the most rugged environments.  In which industry do you need protection?

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Silent Solutions Security has protected massive governmental constructions sites that have ranged from $200 million to $800 million in total cost, without a single loss. We have worked with numerous police agencies, providing technology solutions to them, often on a loan basis to assist them in protecting locations they felt were susceptible to intrusions, theft or vandalism.  

Silent Solutions is continually offering its services and expertise to policing agencies and has brought on board two former police burglary detectives to assist the company in provisioning our customers with professional risk assessments of their facilities and projects.  
For the past eight years, Silent Solutions Security has monitored and protected a wide range of storage and lay-down facilities throughout a five state region.  We have had success protecting millions of dollars of wire and cable for electrical contractors, as well as heavy earth moving equipment and accessories in numerous rental yards from the potential of theft. In addition, we have protected storage yards located in remote areas to monitor them from theft and vandalism, as well as equipment being used to install water and sewer pipelines around the cities. Success is defined by accomplishments.
Silent Solutions Security has monitored millions of dollars of electrical utility supplies and cabling for utility companies for years in remote locations where the opportunity for theft is extremely high. In each instance, we were capable of identifying and installing technology solutions that brought previous theft to a complete stop. To date, not a single loss has occurred on any of the locations protected by Silent Solutions.  Our success has been based on our ability to identify and define solutions that match the requirements of these remote locations.
Silent Solutions Security provides a variety of integrated, state-of-the-art security solutions to the transportation industry. We have introduced a series of cutting-edge security systems that are flexible, reliable, and very affordable. Because each project is unique, our approach is to design customized solutions that utilize the most advanced wireless technology available to protect our client’s assets. We recognize the dynamics as well as the vulnerabilities of the transportation industry. In addition to providing real-time protection for traditional applications, Silent Solutions has the technology to deploy a variety of security solutions in unsecured or remote locations such as Drop Lots or Relay Points.
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When Silent Solutions Security first introduced the T-R90 sensor, it was devised to meet the needs of a large electrical provider to protect buried cable while it was in an open trench. Since that time, it has morphed into a multifaceted product capable of monitoring large pieces of heavy equipment while they are on job sites. The sensing device is the same as that used rockfall applications, and gives us a sensitive tool that can be placed up under the seat of a piece of heavy equipment.  It activates an alarm by sensing the movement of the seat  when the potential burglar tries to drive off with the heavy equipment.  With a radio range of nearly three miles, it is a perfect solution to monitor heavy equipment out in the field.  
Silent Solutions Security has long been aware of the problems related to security in the agriculture industry. These problems include but are not limited to the theft of expensive assets, and the threat of terrorism. We have worked closely with numerous federal and state agencies to identify cost effective solutions for rural farm & ranch environments. Our experience is unsurpassed when it comes to securing assets in non-traditional, rugged environments. Along with our advanced security devices, Silent Solutions has identified alternative sources of energy, allowing us to deploy in locations where traditional sources of power are not available.
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With thousands of regional and smaller airports located throughout the nation, the Department of Homeland Security concerns of another 9/11 attack has been heightened. While most of the major airports have installed significant protections from the threats of terrorism, many of the smaller regional airports remain only lightly protected. Silent Solutions Security has identified technologies that will protect airport and industrial fuel farms and internal facilities of airports with advanced technologies that can be monitored either onsite or remotely. Each of these technologies operate wirelessly and are powered by small lithium batteries that are capable of transmitting alarms several miles to an alarm panel for retransmission on the cellular network.
With continued growth of solar power farms across the nation, an increase of theft of the solar panels is on the rise. Silent Solutions Security has a technology base to protect these expensive yet often remote locations with advanced laser technology that can scan an entire solar farm. These advanced laser detectors cast a protective shield under the solar panel support structure, while maintaining protection from small animal generated false alarms.
One of the difficulties in protecting a large commercial outdoor swimming pool has traditionally been to prevent “fence jumpers” from unauthorized access. These intrusions generally occur after hours, and in addition to the increased potential for property loss or damage, the pool operator or owners liability increases dramatically. Silent Solutions can deploy state-of-the-art systems that can generate a protective laser shield over the pool, above the water. We can cover an area 200 feet long by 100 feet wide and can shape the laser scan to encompass the exact shape of the pool. These systems are so sophisticated we can program them to learn the terrain (which might include buildings and other structures), and can direct the beam to stop within an inch of the fence line to eliminate false alarms generated by people or animals moving in proximity outside the fence. 
Silent Solutions has the ability and the technology to protect any outdoor recreational facility. For over six years we have protected school playgrounds and expensive skate parks from vandalism and graffiti. We have the expertise to protect nearly any outdoor recreational location, including outdoor basketball courts, baseball diamonds, outdoor practice fields and tennis courts during hours when they are supposed to be off-limits for usage. 
Silent Solutions Security is providing its electronic security services to protect the new Denver Broncos training and management facility while under construction. We monitor the facilities on a daily basis from our in-house monitoring platform, dispatching police when necessary. To date, not a single loss has occurred. We can provide the same advanced security solution to professional sports facilities of any size, anywhere in the US.
What has been an extremely difficult area in the past to provide protection to rooftop points of access or intrusion has now become increasingly easier. With the advance of both laser technologies and highly refined passive infrared motion detectors developed for use in the challenging out-of-doors environment, it is now possible to protect these areas of exposure with reliable and tested technologies which minimize false alarms. Silent Solutions Security is an expert in the use of this security technology for these and other difficult applications, and can include these levels of protection into any of our security networks. 
One of the most difficult assets to protect might be a remote cell tower site. Because these sites can be found in less densely populated areas, and offer relatively easy access they are prone to attacks on their infrastructure. This is primarily due to the fact that scrap metal prices, specifically copper and lead, have risen sharply in recent years. Silent Solutions has an array of advanced technologies at its disposal designed to stop unauthorized intruders in their tracks, at even the most remote locations.   These solutions include covert wireless cellular based cameras, volumetric radar and advanced laser detection devices that can encompass the entire cellular tower site with a single security device. 
We are proud to announce that we are now Optex Redscan Certified Systems 
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