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Silent Solutions Security
Silent Solutions Security Clients-
We are proud of the work we do and this is what our clients have to say:

Colorado Department of Transportation-
“The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Rockfall Program supports the efforts of Silent Solutions Security to develop a low cost, readily available rock slope monitoring system.… Because the system is aimed at being user friendly and quick to install, it could prove useful to evaluate slope movements after a rockfall or rock slide event. During these emergencies, a decision regarding slope stabilization is needed before the slide debris can be removed and the highway reopened. Information from the sensors being developed by Silent Solutions Security would be invaluable in assisting first responders in making these decisions.” 
    -Ty Ortiz, CDOT Rockfall Program

Jefferson Charter Academy- 
“I commend Silent Solutions for the professionalism they have shown in every aspect of their efforts to protect this building while it has been under construction. JHL Construction, Inc. staff members believe that this professional approach at attempting to mitigate theft, damage and vandalism by all of the Silent Solutions staff has been a significant reason that this building will continue to come in on time. For myself, this will be the first project in over seventeen years in the commercial development market that I will be afforded the opportunity to complete a project from start to finish without a major act of either theft or vandalism. I attribute a significant portion of this to the security network that I leased from Silent Solutions Security.” 
    -Dale Hartman, JHL Construction, Inc.

Inline Management- 
“Inline Management supports Silent Solutions Security in their efforts to introduce their leasing concept of security protection utilizing the ‘virtual guard’ approach. We would highly recommend them to general contractors in need of security options during the construction phase of their projects.”    
    -Michael Hall, Inline Management, Inc.

Bobcat of the Rockies-
“Bobcat of the Rockies is a compact construction equipment dealer located in Colorado. Our equipment is stored outdoors in fenced yards. We have had problems over the years with thieves cutting our fence and stealing equipment. In 2004 our losses were in excess of $50,000. Our stores were literally being hit on a monthly basis. 

“I am pleased to say that since Silent Solutions Security secured our yard, we have never had another loss. We have since added Silent Solutions Security systems to our yards in Commerce City, Parker, Greeley, Grand Junction and earlier this summer to our new Windsor location. We have had the same success at all locations, with no losses. People have tried many times to enter our yards but because the systems worked, the thieves have been thwarted time and again.

If you have any indoor or outdoor security needs, I would highly recommend Silent Solutions Security. They have proven to me over the years that they are a professional company that cares deeply about providing the best security possible.” 
     -Alan Coffman, President, Bobcat of the Rockies

Fittsimmons Medical Center, Center for Health and Wellness-
 “I’ve worked with Silent Solutions Security over the past four years on three different construction projects that have totaled over $150 million in gross construction costs. In the seventeen years prior to beginning to use their services, I fully anticipated that my projects would suffer significant losses due to theft. However, since teaming with Silent Solutions Security, I have not experienced a single theft at any of these jobsites.

Instead of handing me a product and simply telling me that it is the best they can provide, they are constantly searching for improvements to better protect their customer’s assets. More importantly, they take a continuous and ongoing interest in each project, giving hours of technical support to make certain that the project remains safe and secure. It is clear that they know their technology and they are capable of protecting any size of project, from the smallest to the largest.  I can’t think of anyone that I would recommend with greater confidence.” 
    -Steve Mortenson, Saunders Construction, Inc.

Showcase News Releases:

Scherer, M. (2008, July 21). Conifer Company Offers Security to Colorado School Construction Sites. The Daily Journal, p. 1. http://colorado.construction.com/ddj/archive/2008/080721_ddj1.asp

•A.G. Spanos Companies 
•Bobcat of the Rockies
•Brighton School District
•Colorado Dept. of Transportation
•Eagle County Sheriff’s Office
•Encore Electric
•FCI Construction
•Garney Construction
•Gerald H. Phipps Construction
•GE Johnson Construction Co.
•Greiner Electric
•Haselden Construction

•JHL Constructors
•Kiewit Building Group
•Milender White Construction
•Mortenson Construction
•RK Mechanical
•Roche Constructors
•Saunders Construction
•Shaw Construction
•Sturgeon Electric
•Trautman & Shreve
•US Engineering Company
•University of Arizona – Tucson
•Xcel Energy
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