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Silent Solutions Security
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Silent Solutions Security-
Silent Solutions Security LLC is a small woman-owned limited liability company that provides solutions for security applications in non-traditional outdoor markets. Since 2005, we have prided ourselves on our ability to assess each site as a unique entity, and provide innovative approaches to a client’s intrusion detection, surveillance, asset protection and monitoring needs. There is no ‘vanilla’ solution in our business.

Silent Solutions provides integrated electronic security solutions that incorporate innovative technologies with our proven Mobile Sentry platform. Solutions include state of the art electronic security panels, wireless long range sensors, cellular communications, solar power assemblies, IP cloud video cameras with access through a central server, smart phone access for remote camera viewing, and off–site monitoring that virtually eliminates false alarms.  

Our core business took hold in the construction industry, where a high volume of false alarms deterred traditional burglary alarm companies from servicing this market. To alleviate the issue of false alarms, Silent Solutions focused on providing its clients with redundant alarm sensors, often backed up with remotely accessible video, allowing for live verification of an intrusion. Then, we strategically set out to know each client’s site, key personnel and work parameters, with each site’s monitoring being done through Silent Solutions. By doing this, we have nearly eliminated all false alarms in one of the most rugged and unpredictable security markets. 

In each and every instance, Silent Solutions has exceeded the expectations of its clients, protecting literally billions of dollars of assets from loss, overseeing the protection of heavy equipment, tools, building materials, copper pipes and electrical wiring, and a wide array of other valuable assets. Our ability to build a hardened wall around nearly any sized outdoor environment or project is truly what differentiates us from the traditional security providers. 

Our unique approaches to securing sites have gained us the trust of our extensive customer base and distinguished us from any potential competitor. As such, we have been taken to sites in five western states, where our clients have requested us to provide our level of unparalleled protection. Today, these core business innovations have allowed us to transfer our business model to other ever-changing markets, opening doors to additional revenues.

"Our exceptional ability to “think outside the box” and to see beyond a singular use of technology is where the “rubber meets the road” in our reputation. We have built our reputation around being honest and straight forward, and always completely committed to each and every customer that we work with. "
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Our Owners Are Committed To Your Satisfaction!
All of us here at Silent Soultions LLC want to thank everyone who has helped us to become the company that we are today.  We know that without the dedication and hard work of all of our devoted employees and staff members as well as the support from outside associates, we would not be where we are today. 
Marian Phillips- President/CEO and Co-Founder
Marian Polito Phillips is the co-founder and the Managing Director of Silent Solutions LLC, the principal stakeholder in the Company since its inception, and an active participant in day-to-day business activities. She is principally responsible for the company’s day-to-day management, financial decisions, business pricing, estimates and proposals, purchasing and staffing. 

She has been actively involved in the security and telecommunications industries for the past twenty-five (25) years as an executive and professional businesswoman. She provides a wealth of expertise in effective management as an entrepreneur, having owned her own successful telecommunications switch distributorship, providing Hitachi telecommunications switches (PBX) to large privately owned telecommunications providers across the United States.

She has a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Illinois. Upon graduation, she engaged in a career as a public school teacher, before becoming active as a professional businesswoman and entrepreneur. She went on to become an instrumental figure in a number of start-up small businesses, providing a level of expertise and commitment to detail that allowed each business to grow at rates in excess of normal business undertakings.

William Phillips- Director of Operations and Co-Founder
William Phillips is the Director of Operations, and the catalyst behind the company’s advancements in product development. With all but the completion of his dissertation towards a PHD in Vocational & Technical Education from the University of Illinois, Mr. Phillips brings an uncanny ability to “think outside the box” to the Silent Solutions team, and is a key component in the technical direction of the company. 

With over twenty-five years of experience in telecommunications and security innovations, he has been the brain set that has allowed Silent Solutions to advance new technologies and to integrate existing and emerging technologies into its arsenal of monitoring capabilities. His approach to each element of the business has opened doorways to a wide array of vertical markets through unique and sustainable practices that have allowed for unprecedented growth and profitability.
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